Welcome to Little Creeper Baits.
 Our mission is to create new soft plastic baits that look and fish like nothing you've ever thrown. We want to redefine the hand-poured plastic bait. We believe that hand-poured baits can be made to perform better than mass produced, mass injected baits. Making use of multiple densities, and custom densities. Creating baits that fish won't let go, and designing them to out perform the average plastic bait.  Stay tuned  we are just getting started. 

Introducing Two New Swimbaits:
Garbage Minnow

Click on the photos to see underwater video and learn more about them

 Jumbo Minnow


We are proud to present these two new baits
They are available in 10 colors

Introducing our newest baby!

The 4" version of our tournament proven
 All American Trash Fish

 Click the link below to get the full details and see all of our current colors for the 

Here are a few photos of prototypes for new baits we are working on. 
Click on the photo to enlarge Gallery

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